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About H.I.M.


To gather all people from all nations back into the sheepfold with the wisdom of Y'shua.
We are called to set people free from bondage by teaching the Word, providing food, shelter, clothing and resources. We are called to teach people who YHWH is and who they are in the Messiah Yeshua (their Identity). We believe we are like a father and a mother to those who are without one and need a fresh start in life (single parents, missed placed and/or troubled youth, etc.) We want to help restore family structure and order.
Guided by the mission we see Elohim siting on the throne of the hearts of people.
Message from BenYah...
Our focus is to turn the hearts back to the Father. We don't really concern ourselves with the "correct" pronounciation of the name YHWH. We are more concern on the name according to how the scriptures defines it as His "character." We must with every ounce in our bodies, seek His face, walk in His principles 'the Torah," by His Ruach(spirit) which is His Grace. To become an effective witness to push the Kingdom of Elohim. We must seek His Will by transforming the earth back into heaven.
House of Israel Ministries is a gift for growth to this generation. We have a ministry of reconcilation and delieverance, we are a family who is diligent about making full proof of who we are. We must prepare the outside work than build the house. With the ministry of reconciliation we are sent to the nations, with the goal to help them return to the Torah by Ruach Ha'Kodesh. As we stay diligent to the assignment we are adding to the temple/body made without hands. So under the guidance of Rabbi BenYah lead by Ruach Ha'Kodesh we will teach, train, and help you live effective,fruitful, and functional for our coming King Messiah Yeshua!​

Abba Yah has given ​ Rabbi BenYah and his wife ChanYah , a vision to get the nations to return to their true identity… The Messiah Yeshua. While we are living in a day and age where the world wants us to look, live, and sound like the images of people that have been set up before us as icons. We have been fed the lie of our inadequacies. It has cultivated a nation of people who are selfish, lustful, boasters, proud, slanderers, ungrateful, wicked, without a natural empathy and completely disconnected from their  true identity.
People are being misled and in our attempt to define ourselves we have been conditioned to look everywhere and to everyone for our identity.  We look to actors, stars, musicians, the press and television to see how they look, act and behave. We have become a society of duplicated identities. Yet Elohim calls us to come out from among them and be set apart (1 Peter 1:15 -16, Leviticus 19:2). Our appetite has been to flock to meeting circles that minimize holiness and maximize immorality; man worship, tradition, legacies, idolatry, crowds and being crowd pleasers for the sake of attendance and cash flow. They now stifle the potential for truth and a redemptive Messiah-like lifestyle to be preached.
Romans 10:12-13 “For there is no distinction between Jew / Hebrew and Greek; for the same Master is Master of all, and is rich to all who call on Him. For, "Whoever will call on the name of YHWH will be saved."
If we were truly the property of the Master then we would be about our masters business and not “Church”, not tradition and not religion. Let’s activate and be activated! Deny the urge to be a pew sitter or some goofy spiritualist. We must have a servant’s heart. We have to develop an attitude and a passion to raise the temple not built with hands. So if you are a son or daughter, that means you keep HIS Torah and HIS commandments you must walk in the pursuit of Yeshua.
House of Israel Ministries is blasting the shofar and crying out…

Gates of Refuge

Promotes and establish "self-government" in the form of following and operating in the Spirit of the Torah.
We are diligent in establishing "self-sufficiency" by creating farm lands/gardens, raising livestock and building debt or accumilating free homes (built/trailers/modulers etc.) 

We believe "BIBLICAL FUNCTIONAL FAMILY" is the blueprint for the Kingdom of Heaven. As we convert and transform our families hearts/mind than we will be able to effectively do the same for others. We live in a day and time where people don’t want to hear talk but action (faith.) So as we establish our family we want to be an example for others and a be Gates of Refugee for many.

Organize a Community

When people talk about teaching or being taught they immediately think "church" setting.
Did you know that you don't need a church building to do what Father has called you to do?

If you believe that you have a calling on your life to teach/pastor a community We can help. We provide effective teaching and trainings so that you can be active and knowledgable in the tools to help you do what The Most High has called you to do. There is a great need in your community, and you do have what it takes to cause change. If you would like to know more, please fill out our form below. Shalom!